Document Review

Continuum Legal is dedicated to providing the highest quality candidates while keeping our prices modest. Continuum can save you money by offering a variety of cost-effective solutions
specifically tailored to your project needs and duration.

Cost Models

  • Flat rate project cost model
  • Project driven Cost Model

Flexible Billing Options

  • Weekly Invoice
  • Monthly Invoice
  • Project Invoice

Project Space

  • Turnkey workspace dedicated to document management and e-discovery

Dedicated Professionals

At Continuum Legal we take a different approach from other agencies in our view and treatment of temporary candidates. Continuum focuses on treating our staff like they are long-term employees by paying a competitive salary, incentivizing project completion and offering other benefits.

  • Candidates are often found from within our own pool of industry contacts
  • Candidates are screened by Continuum Legal recruiters who have years of large firm project management experience.
  • Continuum Legal attorneys are incentivized with raises and bonuses so that they treat each project like professional employment

Pre-Employment Screening Services

We at Continuum Legal know that clients spend considerable time and money in the initial screening and training of project candidates. As such, Continuum Legal can take over the burden of candidate screening. On a per employee basis, we can offer any of the following verification reports:

  • Professional reference check
  • Driving records
  • Conflict of interest screening
  • Bar status verification
  • Education verification
  • Credit records
  • Social security number validation
  • Employment verification
  • Criminal records reference check
  • Verification of compliance with all employment, tax and immigration laws